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The Kinderhilfe-Delphin association seeks to support families with disabled children in their efforts to gain access to therapy programs and to acquire medical aids that are either not at all or only partially covered by their health insurance companies.

By entering a keyword consisting of the child's last and first name in the customer reference/transfer details field on the transfer slip, you ensure that Kinderhilfe-Delphin will be able to allocate the amount donated to the therapy intended for the child in question. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you enter my name.

Once you have entered the name and address, a donation receipt will be generated.

Account for donations:

Kinderhilfe DELPHIN e.V.

Nassauische Sparkasse
Account no. 606 218 147
Routing no. 510 500 15
IBAN: DE17 5105 0015 0606 2181 47

Customer reference: Fabio Pirajno + your name and address