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Hi everyone,

Since my parents haven’t written anything on my homepage for a long while, I thought I would take over and tell you what’s been going on in my life recently...

First, a photo… This is me now - 9 years young.

I’ve been attending the Helen Keller School in Königstädten since 2010.
I’m currently in 4th grade of elementary, and next year I’ll move up to middle school.
School is a lot of fun. The school bus picks me up every morning, and I’m always waiting impatiently for it.

My comprehension has gotten much better. Although I can’t speak, I can very clearly show what I want, and of course what I don’t.
At the moment, we’re working a great deal with augmentative and alternative communication. I hope to get a “Tobii 32” soon, which I am already using at school.

Since 2010, I’ve been able to say goodbye to my PEG tube for good. As you can see from the photo, I can eat and drink quite well :-))

In my last update, I told you about Cologne, and that I wanted to go there.
I managed it in 2011, when I was treated at the "Auf die Beine" clinic (the name means “up and running”) for an extended period. I was an in-patient twice, and for six months we were allowed to take the Gallileo home with us, where I trained with my parents every day. The vibrations meant that stronger impulses could be sent to my nerve pathways.
I benefited a lot from this, and I would like to go back when I am more able to stand. Unfortunately, though, my health insurance won’t pay for it.

I still can’t walk - sadly - but I go to physio twice a week, and we do exercises at home too.

I also visit my speech therapist once a week. I like it a lot at Ms. Anderten’s, and I enjoy going there.

In May next year, I’d love to go back to Curacao to see the dolphins. My parents already have confirmation.
Yippee, I can’t wait.

Because the therapy/flights and accommodation are very expensive and my parents can’t pay for everything themselves, we need your help!

I’d be very happy to receive any donations. It could make a lot of things quicker and easier.

The dolphin therapy in 2010 helped me so much, and I’m hoping for more progress - small or large - again this time.

Please put my name on your donation. Details of how it works can be found in the “Home” section.

100% of your donation comes to us!!

Thank you to everyone who believes in me and supports me.

Love from Fabio and family